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Frenchies Ultra Flocked Extra Soft French Twist Hair Pins: The French Hair Pins for Buns, Updo Hairstyles, Hair Extensions + Wigs - 20 Count Black

$ 11.99
  • STAY PUT: Frenchies hair pins are uniquely designed to keep your updo hairstyles, buns, extensions, and wigs in place, and STAY THERE! Flocked with mirofiber coating, these hair pins are non-slip and won’t slide out of your hair.
  • SOFTER: Frenchies hair pins were designed to be softer on your scalp - rounded ends and extra soft-to-the-touch coating means no more scratching!
  • ALL HAIR TYPES: When it comes to hair type, Frenchies doesn’t discriminate - even for baby fine or sleek hair, Frenchies hair pins are sure to keep your updo secured all day (or night) long. Plus, they match most natural hair colors and “disappear” into your hair unlike most others, BONUS!
  • LESS IS MORE: Because Frenchies hair pins were designed to be durable and cling to your hair, you can use less of them and feel more secure. Bobby pins or other U shaped pins slip and slide out of hair, causing you to need more to keep an updo hairstyle in place.
  • CELEBRITY APPEAL: Find out why stars like Selena Gomez, Eva Longoria, and Emily Blunt are raving about Frenchies Hair Pins. They truly are the perfect hair accessory. Available in 3 natural hair colors, these hair pins are perfect for prom, weddings, dances, parties, or even THE RED CARPET. Each box comes with 10 small and 10 large pins to perfect any hair style.

Frenchies Ultra Flocked French Hairs Pins are FABULOUS!

What’s the secret? It’s all in the innovative coating! Frenchies are made from a traditional U shaped French hairpin and flocked with microfiber coating, creating a high friction soft surface to hold the hair in place for extended periods of time. What’s that now? Basically, Frenchies clings to your hair to ACTUALLY HOLD IT, and for like FOREVER….no more sneaking off to the bathroom to touch up, or massive amounts of hair spray, yay save the atmosphere!

Soft to the touch coating, Frenchies hair pins have rounded edges - that’s right ladies NO MORE SCRATCHED SCALPS! And did we mention, they literally BLEND IN with your natural hair color - you can’t see them meaning flawless updo perfection!

Frenchies even works great for sleek or baby fine hair - they simply DON’T SLIP. Unlike Bobby pins or other U shaped pins, Frenchies were made durable and to cling to your hair so they don’t fall out, hello top knot, French twist, ballet bun…..maybe even Jessica Simpson Extensions or Nicki Minaj Wig, YES PLEASE!

Frenchies really are the perfect hair accessory for weddings, dancers, or a fancy party - even celebrities like Eva Longoria, Emily Blunt, and Selena Gomez get RED CARPET READY with them. Available in 3 natural hair colors: Black, Brown, and Blond, each box comes with 10 small and 10 large pins to give you that perfect, polished look, day or night, every time!




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